Saturday, September 30, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

painting houses on forest hills

Eight or nine years ago my brother and his wife bought a cute little cape cod house on Forest Hills Rd. Only, it wasn't so cute then. The now beautiful hardwood floors were not only covered with hideous carpet but were also nearly destroyed by the damp mess left by unattended dogs and/or cats. You should see their floors now. Stunningly smooth with a glossy cherry finish.

One of the other major projects was to paint the exterior. So one hot summer day, I and a few of my friends came over to help paint. As we covered the dingy shade of green with fresh white paint, I focused most of my energy on flirting with a boy I liked.

Neither of us (that boy...or me) could have ever dreamed that one day, David and Marianne would be helping US paint the house next door. And that it would be *our* house...with *our* baby inside.

It's actually all blue now...just needs a second coat in places. White trim needs to be painted...and the brick foundation.
If it would stop raining on the weekends, we'd be able to finish!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

just before sleep on saturday night

Not much to say.

It's simply been too long.

The familiar routine of school is slowly taking over my life... a different sort of routine than that of my new 'Mayan' need for predictability. Both structure inducers bring good things. Neither seem to ever completely settle into 'the swing of the things' (as is always expected to happen but never actually does).

Our house is no longer black.

I miss its 'goth-ness' but I do like the new nautical/ beach-y/ Ralph Lauren-ish look...
(more work still to be done, help is welcome, to come)

Tuesday morning will be painful. But it is still days away...

I do love my days with students. And my days with Maya even more.

Stability, contentment seem real at this moment. Even easy.

"..but every day I am swayed by whatever is on mind."