Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Who is beyond your imagination.

"Bodily calm is part of our presence to people, and also to God. You may be on your knees, standing, sitting or prostrate. You try to stop the body moving. You focus on something physical: the breath flowing into you, or the sounds that invade your stillness, or the awareness of your enveloping skin. Then you give space to the Lord who created you, who is more central to your being than your own mind is, yet who is beyond your imagination.
I pause for a moment and think of the love and the grace that God showers on me: I am created in the image and likeness of God; I am God's dwelling-place.

I exist in a web of relationships - links to nature, people, God. I trace out these links, giving thanks for the life that flows through them.
Some links are twisted or broken: I may feel regret, anger, disappointment. I pray for the gift of acceptance and forgiveness."

~from Sacred Space this morning.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I made this today....

North Muskegon Elementary Strings website

I thought that making it, and having it linked to their website would be a good way to distribute information and introduce myself, since I am new to the program.

I'm hoping to make one for Calvary too...in the very near future.

Any suggestions? Typos?

Friday, September 03, 2010

wind in the trees

We've been listening to the wind all day. In the morning, we went straight outside to see the silvery sunlight peeking through the bending pine trees. The wind was glorious on our faces, in our hair. We just had to go out walking. It was cold, but that perfect kind of bearable cold that seems just right.

While Sophie and Maya covered the sidewalk with chalk art, I sat on the front porch filling out some school paperwork. The sun disappeared and reappeared all morning as Maya and I sat on our front steps watching the clouds roll across the sky. When we came inside, we opened all the windows in the house. The curtains have been billowing, doors slamming all day. I had almost forgotten the wonderful smell of cold and earth and fall.

Summer is still my 'favorite,' I think. But every year I start to wonder...

We drove around running errands...finally meeting Ryan, Grandma 'Go-Go', Emma, and Liam for Egg-drop soup, Jam Bong soup, chicken, egg-rolls, rangoons and rice at the Egg Roll House. Snow White, The Poky Little Puppy, and Laura & Mary Ingalls greeted us back at home in the girls' beds. As I lay beside Maya, we tried to be still, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees. As I had hoped, nap time was extra long.

One of my grade books is ready, there is so much more to be done before next Tuesday. But it will happen...somehow. We're ready to eat Squash Bisque and parmesan beer bread for dinner. (I even made extra soup to freeze for our busy fall schedule)

It has already been a good end to a busy week. It seems to be fall now. I think I'll go digging for that fall wreath...