Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our November Escape...

...just a few weeks ago to Boyne Mountain Resort. Clearly, this weekend adventure could never replace that deep emptiness and longing to be at the cabin--which we missed this year. But the drive north still seemed right in the fall.

We bought (practically stole) a weekend in this beautiful condo that no one else had placed a bid the Symphony's Gala auction last spring. It turned out to be big enough for three families, but perfectly cozy enough for our little family. There were three large bedrooms with four more double beds (besides our King-size in the master suite) and three full bathrooms. Sorry we didn't bring you.

Maya loved the slides at the indoor waterpark at the resort--the little "Lyellow!" one in the kiddie area and the big swirly one that she and daddy climbed to the top of the tower to ride. She still talks about the "pool" and all the "wah-wah". She sort of whispers about the "slah" (slide) now, with big serious eyes...a sort of reverent, hushed excitement.
We were prepared for her to be not quite old enough to appreciate this place, but she loved it...we had to tear her away when her fingers started turning blue.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why I haven't posted in a while...

We've been busy practicing.

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Thanks Anne for the fun link!

Seriously though, I'll post more soon. I only had enough energy/interest for this.
But the more I watch Ryan's slick moves, the more certain I am that it was time well spent.