Thursday, October 06, 2005

Feminist for Life

Just found a feminist website that I love. I think you will too.


Redbaerd said...

i had a student do an analysis of those ads. I think they are amazing ads.

I haven't read enough about this organization to endorse it -- but I (with you, I think) LOVE that it gives voice to a third way and a ton of the ambivalences that exist for people who want politicians to recognize the

Evil that abortion is -- and the fact that it represents a victimage for women in our culture just as much as the other human lives at stake...

is that the longest comment ever left on the shortest blog?

Naaa. Not as long as Daniel keeps writing his blog entries in other people's comments.

Have fun at the cabin. I'm so jealous and happy for you.

Anonymous said...

The most oppressed and discriminated against person in America is the middle aged, caucasian, middle class, male.

Dave said...

here here

Emily WishIhadablog Granger said...

Susan B Anthony was the founder of my college sorority!! Yay for women. We are KACs (You'll have to ask Aimee for the definition of KAC because she is the KAC of all KACs).

Daniel Rudd said...

This is a nice blog. I will definitely bookmark it.

I have a website on "Where the Crap does Anonymous get his statistics??!!"

It pretty much covers "Where the Crap does Anonymous get his statistics" related stuff.

Hope you will visit if you get a chance.

Jack Naka said...

I have a beauty salon newark site. It pretty much covers beauty salon newark related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)

Sally said...

Looks like you're getting spammed. I sent you an email through your xanga - please let me know if you get it.

We're putting together a midwestern mystic convergence. See my xanga blog for the info. Also, if you have any places to recommend, email me.

I am praying.

Ang said...

i usual delete spam comments right away,...but "jack naka's" wording is just too funny-typical right after yours. well placed. i can't get rid of it.

anonymous...i hope the sarcasm in your tone was lost in the limitation of the written word. i do assume you are not serious.

thanks andy, daniel, emily whoshouldhaveablog grainger, and sally for your comments.

back at cedarville, i used to be quite a loud least with my friends. i think the environment pulled it out of me. now that i'm married to a wonderful, intelligent, feminist man...i don't feel the need to voice my feelings so much- i love being independent, yet dependent on eachother at the same time.
i don't know any more about "Feminists for Life"--than this website either, but i love that this organization seems to be about representing, helping, and fighting for two groups of victimized people in such a powerful, loving, and thoughtful way.

i think *this* may be the longest comment on the shortest post ever.

Dave said...

Ang thanks for the call... i'll give you a ring soon. Off to Ohio for the weekend.

Just a Looker said...

I really appreciate you posting that site because I've found that as a lesbian and as a feminist, people automatically assume that I am pro-choice, and I'm not really!

Thinking that because someone is part of one social group, that they're also part of another is never right..and I find it hard defending myself within my own communities!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I get my statistics at "real life experience dot com". Besides, studies show statistics are biased and completely made up on the spot 93% of the time.

cory said...

Ang, i'm glad you liked the link. it sure is wonderful being in Morocco with your friend Rachel.
be well.