Saturday, April 29, 2006

one year of blogging

...actually, I missed the anniversary. I think it was a few days ago. It's been a pretty dry spell for this blog. I almost missed a whole month!

In my long silence...

...I've been learning French...

Je voudrais apprendre le français. Nous allons à une classe française le mardi.

Très impressionnant, oui ?

I've been finishing my preparations at work-to leave my classes and performances in the hands of substitutes. And now, I'm finished! Friday was my last day of teaching for the year.

But mostly, I've just been preparing, dreaming, and obsessing over Maya's arrival.

Only ten days!

Maybe less.


Rachel said...

I just started taking French last week, too! I have spent the past five months responding to Bonjour Madame! with "Salam-A-lay-kum, I don't speak French" everywhere I go, but comprehending lots of it. Now I guess I'll actually have to try to speak it...although my Arabic has completely destroyed any French accent..just imagine if I ever go to France and speak with an Arabic/Moroccan accent. People will be so confused :)

Btw, how in the world did you find time to start learning French on top of teaching, renovating a house and preparing for a baby? You're a crazy woman.

Love you,


Shona said...

Congratulations Ang. I just heard that Maya arrived. You'll be a wonderful mother. I'm sure of it!

Sally said...

I understood all the french! Wow. I was fluent in high school.

Sorry I dropped off the radar. I have been thinking a good deal about you. So glad to know I haven't missed the delivery.

You say two weeks - or maybe less?

God bless you Ange.


Sally said...

oh my - I just read and see that you're a mother holding a baby!