Thursday, February 07, 2008

We're happy to be home today. I love snow. Especially when it gives me an extra long weekend.

Today at breakfast...
Maya: Sheep who?
Me: What, Maya? What do you mean? Sheep?
Maya: (patiently explaining again) Momma. Knock-Knock.
Me: Oh!! Who's there?
Maya: Sheep.
Me: Sheep who?
Maya: Cow.

She learned this new concept of 'knock-knock' jokes from her friend Ryan (also known as "Ry-rhine"), but I haven't heard one in a few days so I wasn't expecting it.

Maya: Door. Knock-knock.
Me: Who's there?
Maya: No-No
Me: No-no who?
Maya: No-AH! (erupting into giggles) lunch.

Me: Maya, you should tell Daddy one of your "Knock-knock jokes"
Maya: knock-knock
Daddy: who's there?
Maya: Ry-rhine
Daddy: Ryan who?
Maya: No-AH! (running away to hide her proud smile by burying her head in the couch cushions)


tarapetty said...

I love knock knock jokes. And those are by far some of the best I have heard.


I'll be sure to teach her the one about John the Baptist, which gives her license to splash people with water at the punchline.

Kim said...

I love them...

Who knew Ryan's madue-up jokes would be such an inspiration!

Kelly and Sean said...

Somehow, at the age of 1, she's already funnier than most prime time television...

Much funnier than anything Saturday Night Live has put out in the past decade!

Daniel Rudd said...

well, she's definitely funny.
but just because it's funny doesn't mean it's appropriate.

Please get Maya to tell a few jokes to your magical elitist computer and then post the video for our evaluation.