Friday, July 18, 2008


She's smiling and starting to 'talk' so much more lately. Her eyes are just too sweet to even speak about. Part of me can't wait to 'know' her hear her thoughts put into words. To watch her run and play with her big sister. To see them become friends.

But most of me just hopes I can be conscious enough, patient enough to be aware of the joy of now. To just delight in holding her...and watching her smiling sparkling eyes blinking at me...without feeling impatience or regret over the unfolded laundry, messy kitchen, and papers to write.


mommaglo said...

She is absolutely beautiful--she actually looks more like you as a baby than Maya did--although they look very much alike!!! What wonderful treasures the Lord has given us and how incredibly they bless our lives!!!! You are a great "intentional" mama and I am very thankful!!

Kate Rudd said...

Spending time with her yesterday was wonderful. Her eyes are so alert and luminous, and I'm learning the thing they do right before she smiles - which I hope she did for the rest of the evening!

I think we may see you tomorrow afternoon?

Kelly and Sean said...

She is so beautiful. I see a lot of Maya, but she has her own beauty too. I am looking forward to holding her and talking with her. =)

Steph said...

One of the things I'm learning on this trip of mommyhood.... the laundry will still be there tomorrow. ;)

lauren said...

Ang, your children are beautiful and I love looking at the pictures you put up! Hope you guys are doing well.


jewell said...

I just read mommaglo's comment. I just finished a book about being an intentional mamma. Oh, how I strive to be that every day and there are times I fall so short. Time does pass so quickly and I want to be intentional in my mothering.

I really wanted to comment on the relationship of sisters. I just love watching and listening to Lauren and Morgan even at their teen and preteen ages. They have such fun together and love each other so much. It brings tears to my eyes at times because I am so thrilled they have such a good sister relationship. I am sure your girls being so close in age will too. I also am sure you and Ryan will have a lot of good laughs at the things they do together.

Sophia does have beautiful eyes!!

Koala's Komments said...

I had an extra blog so I made another one could The Bean at the Beach.And those are funny pictures of Sophia.Her eyes are very big and blue!And she has alot of hair lke I did wwhen I was a baby.