Friday, November 14, 2008

Sophie's crawling footage was removed...

...from the earlier post.

However, I recently managed to capture some more crawling well as a Bengal Tiger. While you admire the skillful crawling of Sophia, you can also observe the beautiful tiger enjoying her captivity in the background.


Liz Thomson said...

WOW! Look at Sophie, and at Maya! It's really cool (and kind of weird too) to hear your voice on those videos. I miss you a ton a ton! I need to call you soon!!!

Love ya Ang - talk to you soon!

Redbaerd said...

Alright, alright,

You've definitely maxxed out your cuteness quotient for one blog entry, Sophie.

So you're a great crawler. And super cute.

I wrote a hit play.

Loved the Agape way said...

YAY SOPHIE! You're too sweet!