Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong At The Zoo

by Mary Jean Hendrick and Jane Dyer
is one of our favorite books from the library right now.

So Maya and Sophie were floored with excitement when I announced at breakfast last week, "We're going to the Zoo today!!"

It was a rare kind of adventure for a mid-week trip without Daddy (who unfortunately had to work). But it was spent with good friends that we've loved for a while...and some new friends that we love too.
With lots of wonderful snacks and lunches packed by our generous friend, Jen, the day was magical and exciting and even slightly relaxing.

(Having a sweet four-year-old companion for my Maya seemed to keep her completely out of trouble...even amidst chaos, crowds, heat, with only a single-parent for the day, and no double stroller!)

So although we've been reading about a catastrophic day at the Zoo....for us, absolutely nothing went wrong at the Zoo.

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