Monday, April 05, 2010

a few of my hopes for Spring Break...

  • play outside
  • go running
  • build blanket forts in the living room
  • pretend play ("Mikey", Laura and Mary, babies, orphans, doctor...)
  • walks
  • bike ride(s)
  • zoo trip(s)
  • lots of art projects and writing
  • play dough
  • read several chapters of Little House on the Prairie
  • catching up on ironing
  • organizing a drawer or two
  • a play date with friends
  • plant something
  • finish reading Eat. Pray. Love.
  • library trip
  • a date with my Love
  • get some sleep

So far, we've already filled the first weekend with Yorkshire Pudding, one long family bike ride followed by a shared vanilla milkshake, two church gatherings to remember/celebrate His death and resurrection, some very messy Easter egg decorating, three family birthdays (one party), one family Easter celebration, one quick and magical zoo trip, lots of clean/folded/put-away laundry, some swinging on our new swing set (built by Ryan and 'Papa'), running in the grass, reading, a long wandering car ride through the country while listening to Vivaldi (an unsuccessful attempt to induce post-Zoo naps), late night movies, a little too much coffee, a lot too much sugar, and not quite enough sleep (yet).

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