Thursday, August 05, 2010

The End.

This afternoon, I will drive to MSU for my very last class.
My assignments are all done. I still have to email my last paper. But I'm done. I'm not sure I quite believe it, actually. But this is the end.

Tomorrow, when Ryan is done working, we'll leave for the cabin.

There are piles of clean laundry to be folded, and suitcases that need to be packed. The house needs some serious attention, but the mountain of dirty dishes is gone. The kitchen is actually quite functional now. I've been a little productive, but mostly the girls and I have been playing all morning. Maya figured out how to play most of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano today. She was trying last night..and this morning, she got it. Finding that first interval was really hard, she kept guessing and getting frustrated. I'm not sure how she memorized her starting note, or the distance between do and sol, but she's got it down now. It is so fun to watch her working at something with such focus..and then experiencing the delight of realizing her success. It's pretty magical to watch. We've listened to a short Youtube excerpt of Swan Lake again and again. She wants to figure that one out next. That, and Vivaldi's Spring. Sequential learning is just so tedious.

I'll get more laundry/cleaning/packing done tonight and tomorrow.


Erica said...

Congratulations, Ang! I am proud of you for finishing this feat!

Thanks for calling yesterday. Sorry it was a little crazy. Looking forward to some uninterrupted conversations in a couple weeks!

Lindsey said...

Congrats! Wow, what an accomplishment. I am sure it will soak in that you are finished once you get the cabin and can actually relax. :)

mandiegirl said...

Congrats Angela! That is really such an accomplishment! :)