Friday, December 30, 2005

not the only girl any more

For all of my 'growing-up' years, as a little girl, I dreamed of having a sister.

I did love the special attention and protection I got from my big brothers...there are advantages to being the only girl. But I always envied the relationship of sisters.


...I got one!

And now, I have four.

Having idolized my brothers for as long as I can remember, I never thought that they could ever find deserving wives. But as each one of them found amazing, beautiful, patient women, I hoped that they would soon become my sisters...and that my brothers wouldn't lose them or scare them away. Ten years highschool, I never would have guessed that two of my friends would one day mean so much more to me, that we would forever share our lives as sisters. That my friend Kelly really meant it when she hinted that her brother and I should be more than friends.

My sisters add so much to our family...balance, wisdom, perspective, grace, awareness of reality, humor. I am constantly amazed by their unique passions and abilities. Their patience, generosity, wisdom, beauty, discernment. I love having sisters to call when I have questions or just need someone to listen. Lynn, Marianne, Andrea, and Kelly are truly some of closest friends.

And today is my very first sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Lynn! I am so grateful for you. I love the way that you love my brother and my neice and nephew. And I am especially grateful for the way that you have accepted and loved me too.
I love you!


leonard said...

What kind words, Ang. You were my first sister too! I feel really lucky to have that specific relationship with you and be a part of your sing-alongs, excluded. :)

You have always made me feel loved and welcomed, even when your brother was leaving with me instead of staying in Muskegon with you. I remember all those tears!

Thanks for remembering my birthday in the mix of all the details of life! You are in our thoughts; Maya Grace hangs on our refrigerator, and we find ourselves there a lot!

Love you.

Andrea Rudd said...

Angela -
Thank you for your sweet thoughts. Over New Years weekend, we were with one of our favorite families from Marshall (the Sowles family). They have four beautiful daughters close to my age and whenever I am with them all, I long for sisters. Then I remember that even though I did not have sisters growing up, I have the most amazing sisters now. It is so fun to have you all in my life. Thank you for your love and your beautiful post! -Andrea