Monday, December 19, 2005

feeling sick

I would like to finish wrapping our Christmas presents, send Christmas cards, finish the laundry, make several dozen cookies for Ryan's friends at work, the staff at school, and my celebrate their great performance and for their last class before Christmas. But instead, I'm laying in the couch...feeling miserable.

The pregnancy nausea is over, but my draining sinuses are reviving that sick stomach feeling. My lungs are already a bit cramped for space, and the lack of oxygen flow through my nose is making me more than a little dizzy...and the pressure in my head.... sore throat, aching ears...... the pain and pressure in my lower abdomen from my growing baby makes laying on the couch even more appealing....maybe even necessary.

I'll stop whining now. I only have to work one day this day tomorrow??

Only three more days until our ultra sound....then brother Andy arrives, then Christmas!!! then another week off!!
life is good.


Lindsey said...

I hope that you are feeling better!

Daniel Rudd said...

me too

Ang said...

thank you...i am.
yesterday was long, but now i'm done with school for a week and a half.
this morning my sinus drainage made me lose all the grapenuts i ate for breakfast. but now i'm feeling much better :)

Elaina said...

Yeah! It's break!I hope you have a lovely, restful Christmas full of sweet memories :)