Thursday, January 12, 2006

overheard story...

Barnes and Noble Cafe:

.."Yes....Cheryl and her husband are split again. When she showed up at the family Christmas, he handed her the divorce papers."

(yes, this is a very sad story.)

"he's going back to Linda for the third time. She's twenty years older than he is."

"And Cheryl says that this Linda weights about 200 pounds more than SHE does!!"

(Interesting, how important it is to include those details.)


Sally said...

Hey, I'll own my part of the marriage failure - in fact, I'll take 100% responsibility if I can learn from the errors!

But there is something irrational about my response to being left by my husband. From time to time I add, "Yeah, AND she's short, fat and ugly." (all true, btw).

Here's the you can see from the physical description, it's obviously NOT about the other woman. What we must try to understand is what went wrong between the two of us and when it started going wrong.

At the point I started adding, "but she's a horn player and I bet she makes him very happy!" I knew I was on the mend!

Wags said...

ang, I don't think I'll be able to go to homecoming... I think I'm playing in the alumni game at 4, but I have things to do later that night... I have Saturday night open, and then next week I have Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights open right now, so maybe a bunch of people can get together one of those evenings! that would be fun...

Sally said...

Ange, I am packing up my house for a move in May. I have my violin from the 60's in a hard case. It was reconditioned once in the early 90's.

Would you like it for whatever?


Sally said...

Oh good, Ange. I played for three years and never appreciated it. There is no reason for me to hang on to it, but it does need a good home. As far as I'm concerned, instruments, books and art work all need good homes.

We're staying here through June. I am quite confident I will stay in the midwest and almost certain in the same town. My son will be starting college in the fall - locally, and he wants me close by. for now, I can do that.

I will be in town next month and would be happy to rendezvous with you. We live approx. 25 minutes north of Chicago. The drive is easy either way.

I'll email you my address and phone number

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela!! How are you and Ryan both feeling, better I hope? Well I just wanted to say hello; one night when me and Chris are in Muskegon we should get together, I would love to hang out with you guys sometime soon; but I know it's hard when everyone is so busy! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. ~Anne