Thursday, January 12, 2006

he couldn't protect me.

As hard as Ryan tried to keep me from getting his sickness, he couldn't prevent it. So here I sit, watching the ARTS channel, trying to figure out the plot to a Richard Strauss opera while I try not to throw up anymore. Thinking I was just being a whimp, I tried to teach yesterday. But by late morning I knew I needed to get to the bathroom to throw up, but I was afraid I'd pass out on the way. I made it to the office to get a sub instead. My sweet dad brought me home, so I wouldn't have to drive.

I forgot what it's like to be sick. Sometimes when I'm working, the thought of staying at home and sleeping all day sounds nice...but I failed to remember how miserable it can actually be when you are too weak to do anything, but yet can't sleep from all the nausea and aching.
I'm starting to feel a little better today...actually eating some toast. By the end of today, I think I'll be much better. I hope poor Maya isn't starving.

At least I got it during the week. I might still get a weekend, unlike my poor husband.


Andrea Rudd said...

I am so sorry that you are sick and hope you feel better soon. When are we going to see you guys again? We miss you.

Sally said...

Soooooooo sorry. I had it in November. I just remember being so weak an achy. I cannot imagine being pregnant with it.

Daniel Rudd said...

i can't imagine being pregnant at all.

Want me to look in your ears?

Ang said...

i thought you quit your medical pursuits, daniel :)
miss you.