Thursday, June 22, 2006

For his first Father's Day present, Ryan told me that he wanted a new blue pinstripe. So, when we finally had a day without a million commitments, we drove to Grand Rapids to hunt for the perfect suit. But on the way to the mall, Ryan suggested a spontanious detour to the Frederick Meijer Gardens.

The Meijer gardens were breathtaking...hundreds, maybe thousands of complex, fragile plants and trees from all over the world growing inside of an enormous glass greenhouse. Among the flowers, there were other masterpieces: sculptures by Degas, Rodin, an artist's recreation of Davinci's horse, and other contemporary pieces. It was an amazing collection of beautiful work.

My grandmother Linda was a gardener. The careful, daily tending and nurturing was a natural part of who she was. She sketched detailed maps of her gardens...labelling each plant and flower. I like to think that I could someday create something that beautiful and alive. I do share many of her traits. Her long thin fingers and toes. Her unruly eyebrows. A bit of her eccentricity. Her love for books, art, shopping, carefully wrapped gifts, Les Cheneaux". But her gardener's blood does not flow through my veins. I lack the dilligence and patience it requires. But I love to enjoy the work of those who have this gift. A walk in any garden inspires me to pay more attention to detail, to think about the complexity of creation, to actually water the few tropical plants in my living room (that I usually allow to slowly die of thirst and neglect).

Maybe someday Maya will learn to love and care for flowers like her great grandmother.
She certainly enjoyed her first day at the gardens.

...we did find a suit. And of course, Ryan looks amazing in it. Maybe someday I'll post a picture of my handsome husband in his Father's Day present from me.

But Maya got him the present he really wanted. A remote control airplane.


runraerun said...

Glad you found a suit!! Maya is looking beautiful and aren't babies soo precious? I love the baby stage, when you can just hold and nurse them and cuddle with them as much as you want. Caty is still doing all that, the holding, the nursing, etc...she's such a momma's girl. I hope you're enjoying those sweet times.

That was pretty strange that you had a dream about me and then I commented on your blog, I had a dream last night that I was pregnant again....does that mean it's going to happen? LOL. Who knows. I have to get permission from my hubby first.

Tell your mom I said hello. I miss you guys!


Erica said...

Glad that you have posted again. Maya makes me laugh. She is so expressive. A great friend of mine just found out that she is pregnant. I directed her to your baby blog. She is going to start one as well.