Saturday, October 07, 2006

so...desperation leads me to use my blog as a tacky, tasteless platform to beg for help.

any experienced painting friends want to paint ??

Home Depot mixed our paint wrong, so all the progress we've made today (the first ...and maybe only saturday without rain in weeks) is wasted and one whole side of the house will now need one or two coats of the right color to be repainted.

We know that the big game is on. Maybe tomorrow??


Anonymous said...

I love to paint it stinks I am on bed rest or I really would come and help. :) Paul it hunting and I am bored. :) Ellie would have loved to help Paint your house. :) Ha Ha


Did you guys get the help you needed? I was out of town but I could help you now that I'm back. :)
And maybe after I help you I could use your computer to put new pics on my page?(tacky tasteless help me game:tag,you're it)

Erica said...

I had a dream about you last night. You had bought all of us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera for Christmas. Then, Ryan took on this 2nd job where he got paid $4 per hour doing data entry. I had to go to work with him b/c he had to take me to the airport after work. Weird huh!