Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

My school is closed.

We were planning to stay home anyways. Maya and I were, that is. We both wish 'Daddy' could be home too.

We're feeling very tucked-in and sheltered from the blustery scene outside our window. Days at home without a mile long to-do list are always refreshing. But the icy wonderland outside and the mountain of snow in our driveway make our quiet warm house seem even more serene.

Tomorrow will be filled with activity...accompanying a viola student at Solo & Ensemble, conducting my string ensembles in their Christmas Concert at the Art Museum, visiting Barnes & Noble to hear a student String Quartet, and dinner with friends.

But today, ethereal Christmas music sung by choirs in far away cathedrals has been floating through our house all day (compliments of our beloved Pandora Radio).

And we're basking in the pleasure of... a new story book from Great Grandma Corbin (with Maya's own hand-crocheted mitten), hazelnut coffee, warm baths (one for each of us), restful reading, the scent of clean laundry,...

...and Maya's first Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

Wow she looks so much like you ang.

Erica said...

Ah, I love snow days. They do not happen often enough!

Andrea Rudd said...

What great pictures of Maya! She is so beautiful.

April, Phil's Wife said...

She is too cute! It is amazing how much she has grown! :o) Hope you are keeping warm and doing well.

patterns of ink said...

How drab the days
when fallen leaves
blow to and russet fro
and likewise later
melting March
without a bud to show.
The variegated leaf,
the frozen river’s flow...
at last the empty
in between
is covered by the snow.

Ang said...

thank you all for your sweet comments....
...but my deepest gratitude must go to 'patterns of ink'...not for the poetry, but for yet another perfect snow day (this time, I was scheduled to be working and I was actually all ready to bring Maya to Grandma's house!)

Daniel Rudd said...

beautiful pictures

Daniel Rudd said...

oh.. I'm sorry mom.

*kind* pictures