Sunday, March 11, 2007

forest hills for sale

I do apologize for this tacky (possibly abusive) mis-use of your blog-browsing time. I promise I'll actually 'show up' as a real blogger again soon.

But if you love us....and/or think you might know the perfect 'next-resident' for our house... read on.

We know it's a buyer's market, but we'd love to sell our house (in time to 'catch' our dream house that's up for sale).

We've lived here for close to four years, just long enough to finish all the updating projects. We've refinished and re-painted everything and have made it into a house we love. The electric has been upgraded to 150 amp and the box has been completely rewired. We (Ryan) meticulously remodeled and installed ceramic tile in the bathroom and the kitchen, refinished the hardwood floors in the bedrooms, the living room, the stairs, and the chianti-colored dining room with built-in corner china cabinets. There's plenty of closet space, a finished basement...

The cedar shake exterior has a fresh coat of paint (fall 2006), and the roof is new (summer 2005).

Mona Shores schools, three bedrooms, two full baths, formal dining room, full garage, good-sized fenced back yard, very fun neighborhood, close to the beach... with sidewalks, Frosty Oasis ice cream, and lots of friendly young families. (really great neighbors on all sides!)

We hope (with some confidence) that our asking price of $104,900 makes it priced to sell quickly.

For more info you can check out our realtor's listing page

The MLS # is 271021

A few recent pictures...


Erica said...

Oh, very exciting!! Where are you looking to move?

Charity said...

This makes me sad

Anne Marie said...

I love your house, it's so cute! I wish Chris would want to move back to Muskegon, I try to mention it from time to time, only meaning it partially of course because I think it's so beautiful by the water and we would be closer to his parents, but farther away from our church, and he doesn't want to leave Spectrum as well, so he isn't buying it. I guess he grew up there so he takes it for granted, haha. We are looking for houses now, our lease is up in August, we have to get going here pretty soon. Good luck with the buyers. =)

libarrylady said...

You've fallen in love with a house1 Where's your dream house? Tell me about your dream house!!
Aunt Colleen

Wags said...

oooh I love your house!!! I can't believe you found one that's even better!!!