Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentine's Day

So...we really don't do Valentine's Day.
Sometimes Ryan and I take a weekend Chicago trip in February.
But Ryan's Birthday is at the end of the month, so most February presents & celebrations fall under that holiday.

However, since everybody else is doing it...

I want you to know how much I adore you. Since so much of our time together is spent rushing to the next thing, I spend too much time criticizing and nagging... And I don't tell you often enough how much I respect you, how much I love you, how much I really like you. I know how lucky I am. Waking up, knowing you are next to me brings me happiness every morning.
You have made marriage more wonderful than even I (in my fairy-tale like, idealisic dreams) could have imagined or hoped.
I am surprised again and again as I discover how deeply selfless you truly are. You are sensitive and thoughtful (despite your intimidating facade of cynical self-assurance). I love watching the ways you carefully try to understand the complexities of the people around you to show love to them in meaningful ways.

I could never admire any other person as I do you.


patterns of ink said...

I "linked" you and your brother in a post today (Saturday)about "cabin fever." Hope you don't mind.

Charity said...

Okay Angela it's been a month.....YOu should post about selling your house:):(