Wednesday, June 04, 2008

our two Sophies

Maya loves them both...almost equally?

Seeing them side by side on the couch was (and is)...cute, of course, but also strangely disturbing and scary.

I'm pretty sure their 'likeness' won't last too long.


libarrylady said...

Somewhere, my mom has a b&w, notched-edged photo of me and one of Pam's dolls...also a kind of disturbing picture!

Kelly and Sean said...

I thought of that picture when I saw this post! Weird.

Daniel Rudd said...

i'm on a commenting rampage.
but your post doesn't leave room for more.

Kim said...

I shouldn't have read your blog right before bed. I am sure to have nightmares now.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Kate Rudd said...


Too funny! Must stop laughing..pain..

This picture reminds me of the time we put one of Grandma's doll wigs on newborn Willow..scary/cute/hilarious