Sunday, June 15, 2008


You are the one that has given that name meaning for me. Before I ever knew the depth of the name 'Father', you showed Him to me.

I have always known that a Father is full of unending, unconditional, sacrificing love. That a Father is trustworthy, wise, and patient. That a Father desires what is best for his children.

And as you lived all of these things, you also gave me something far greater. You told me stories about my Father that created and loved me even more than you could. But I've always had a hard time believing that kind of love was possible, because I knew how deeply I was loved by you.

I knew that you hurt when I was hurting. That you hated to see my pain or failure or disapointment. Now that I am a parent, I've found myself saying the words that I so often heard you say to me..."Oh honey, I wish I could take the pain for you." Though I never doubted it then, I now know how much you really meant it.

And yet it is clear that more than happiness or comfort or desire what is best, what is right, what only God can give us whether it brings happiness or sorrow.

For all of my life, I have met new people, that somehow have been impacted by you, by your teaching, by your love, by your wisdom...and always, with great pride and gratitude, I say...

'He's my dad.'

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Anonymous said...

That was very loving and encouraging to dad---I love you