Sunday, April 26, 2009

dear emma

I remember in rare detail the day that you were born. I had silvery blue fingernail polish on my nails, I was getting excited to go (that same week) on my first date with a boy I had a crush on (Uncle Ryan), and on that Sunday, I was playing in a Youth Symphony Concert at Muskegon High School. As I played the concert, I knew that your Mom was in labor, and I just couldn't wait to leave with Aunt get to Clare, MI to hold you!

You made me an aunt, and I couldn't believe how that new role changed me.
I've said this before...but I loved you so fiercely that I sometimes worried that I'd never be able to love my own children as much. I couldn't imagine feeling so protective, so uniquely awed by a child ever again.
But then of course, Jaelyn, Liam, Addison, Willow, Ginger, Isaac, Will came along and I started to see that there wasn't a 'limit' to my love. It only grew deeper and fiercer for all of you (though I was still completely unprepared for the overwhelming love I would feel as a Mother.)

It seems impossible that so many years have passed since you were first learning to swim in Go-Go & Bampa's pool, or trying to find the courage just to jump into the pool, or refusing to eat one tiny carrot, or dancing to the Veggie Tales:'Oh No What we Gonna Do?' song, or attempting to play my big violin (when it was almost as big as you). And it seems similarly impossible that you now...fearlessly (and successfully!) run towards a vault, flip, balance, jump gracefully, that you are so 'grown-up' and quietly witty and perceptive, you are thoughtful and patient, impossibly strong and determined, can perform Bach Minuets flawlessly (and musically) on the violin (or piano, or flute...) with little practice ...and can play just about anything else you attempt with relative ease and a beautiful touch... I especially appreciate the way that you patiently play with and watch over all the cousins that adore you...
Maya and Sophie will only grow to love and admire you more. And I couldn't be happier about that. Nor could I be happier about the woman you are and are becoming.

I love you.

Happy Birthday.



MandieGirl said...

This is so sweet. I cannot wait to be an Aunt. I'm sure that you are a very fun one, too. :)

Anne said...

I am about to become and Auntie four times over this year. So crazy and incredible!