Wednesday, April 08, 2009

sick sophie.

We found out at about 5 AM. She was just faintly crying in her crib..but she was drenched (I won't go in to all the gross details.)

She's warm.

And really cuddly and sleepy.

I've only seen one smile today...Daddy got it.

And we were going to find an adventure today. I guess we'll just stay home and enjoy the sleepy afternoon sun streaming in our windows.


Anne said...

Awww I hope she feels better soon!!

Kelly said...

It's soooo hard when they are so sick...and so little. I do love how cuddly it makes them though. :)

Hope she feels better soon (and that no one else gets it!)

Lindsey said...

Yikes! I hope sweet sophie gets better quickly and starts smiling a ton again!