Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Maybe it is just my (somewhat childish) excitement for school to soon be over, the promise of summer, the long hours of sunlight that stretch the days, the wind blowing through my kitchen's open window, all the little seedlings that are popping through the soil in their tiny pots on my deck, the birthdays of some of my very favorite people on earth, the spontaneous outdoor adventures on weeknights and weekends, the first picnics of the year, the first strawberry shortcake, waking up to the sun....

...for so many reasons, May is extra beautiful. Whether the days are cold or rainy, hot, or doesn't matter. May is still here. It is still spring. All those cold and gray early months of the year now seem distant and insignificant. A settling (and also giddy) kind of happiness about the world arrives in May.

I finally believe that summer will come.


Kate Rudd said...

Yes, that's what May is like. And for me it's made more lovely by Ginger's birthday..tomorrow night I'll make *our* first strawberry shortcake of the year, in honor of a little girl who is even sunnier than the month she was born in.
What lucky mommas we are.

Tara Petty said...

May is truly a wonderful month! So many wonderful children to celebrate.

I am still in awe of the fact that I have my own amazing child to watch grow- and he will so soon be one.