Friday, March 04, 2011

home for sale

Warning: This is a post with an ulterior motive. Though I am speaking in my authentic "Angela voice"...I'm also trying to sell you my house. Proceed with caution.

We don't really want to leave our house. Honestly, we love it. The cozy new fireplace in the basement is one of our favorite places on earth. In fact, the whole house just seems cozy and warm...even when it's messy (which has been more often than I like lately). We love this house, inside and out. In the summer time, we love being outside in the yard (with underground sprinkling), picking fruit, herbs, and vegetables from the gardens, gathering with friends around the fire-pit... roasting marshmallows, or sitting on the front porch talking to our neighbors. The quiet street is perfect for riding bikes and walking.

The open space between the kitchen and living room is ideal for our busy kids who like to be close to me while I'm in the kitchen or doing laundry (they also enjoy chasing each other around and around the island. The girls have the upstairs to them selves, with bedrooms with the cape-cod ceilings that I've always loved and their own bathroom to share.

Living in a new house is a luxury I never imagined myself enjoying...I have actually always liked old houses better (the charm, the character, the quirks, the hardwood, and plaster, crown moldings, and built-ins, the possibilities, and the creativity required to see past wallpaper and dirty carpet)...

But the open floor plan, main floor laundry, fresh clean bathrooms and kitchen.... and lack of projects requiring demolition have been perfect for our family. Though I've been anti-carpet/ pro-restored-hardwood in the past, I have to admit, the carpet has been wonderful for our babies and small children. In fact, we'll be happy to stay here for a long time.

But...we may have found our 'dream' (project) house...

(an old brick colonial requiring TONS of work but holding incredible 'potential') in a great location at a great price (It's a "buyer's market," you know). And while we're a little nervous about the 'risk'...we're usually up for adventure (especially when it feels a little spontaneous). For the most part, we're boring, 'safe' people. But this house seems worth the leap.

So there is a sign in our front yard.

And, if you'd like to buy our "newish," cute little cape-cod with four bedrooms, and 2 and a half baths, a newly finished basement (wired for surround sound and set up for a 'theatre' room with a fireplace), can call for a showing and check out our realtor's listing here.

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Laura said...

Just popped over by clicking "next" on my blog! Your house is super cute. I can't imagine someone would not want to buy it! Good luck :).