Thursday, March 31, 2011

a cold day at the critter barn

Though the sunlight was beautiful and warm, the biting cold in the air made us so grateful for our extra layers, our warm sweaters, coats, hats, and mittens. Maya and I spent Wednesday together on a Preschool field trip at the Critter Barn. When we first arrived, we huddled together on benches in the cozy barn as "Miss Mary" taught us all about the chickens, and eggs, and goats, and milk, and sheep.

Maya was delighted, enraptured, ...listening intently and watching in awe. She jumped at every opportunity to pet, feed, milk, hold...

Thirty some preschoolers, parents, and grandparents lined up along the fence to watch the sheep run from the barn to the pasture.

The friendly turkey, "John Smith" and his wife, "Pocahontas" followed us around the farm all day.
Adeline was concerned when Maya started to complain about her cold feet.
They were cute, and great for the mud, but apparently...not quite warm enough.

Sunbutter and strawberry jam sandwiches, apples and banana chips (and a heated barn) warmed us up a little, though Maya looks a bit tired here...

Even the bus ride home was an adventure filled with pretend characters, games, and laughter.

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