Friday, April 08, 2011

spring break (in pictures)

I's not over yet. There's still a weekend left and I'm not going to mourn the end of the break until it's really over. But here are a few....(okay, actually an abundance of)... pictures celebrating our break so far...
Home from pre-school....starting spring break, and feeling pretty free.


New swimsuits for our Spring Break "trip"

The birthday adventure begins...

Braving the slush and rain and snow to see the outdoor attractions.

Freezing out in the log cabin.

Time for lunch, cupcakes, and presents!

Pretty tired. We thought a nap might be in order,
so we headed to our hotel....

We were all pretty excited about (and impressed with) the hotel. Sophie keeps asking (daily) when we will go back to the hotel with the pool.


Some REALLY delicious peas.

Guitar shopping. (Ryan finally got the Taylor.)

Downtown GR for a day. Lunch and...

The Children's Museum. (crazy, crowded chaos, and overwhelmingly endless and creative fun.)

Pruebelos for lunch...
and a blue sucker from the bank
(she opened her first bank account to "save money for college")

Her first trim. *sniff*

Pancakes, omelettes, toast, eggs, and bacon at The Cherokee. mmm.


sweet sick girl.

Making a project (a special birthday gift from Jaely)

Almost finished (you should see the big 'googly eyes' on the finished product).

Tomorrow may just be a sick day. I'm almost planning on waking with the awful (virus??) that Maya has. Or maybe we'll all be spared.

Either way, we've had more than our share of fun and laughter, and we are well rested and grateful. Breaks are good.

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