Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So many things... be grateful for. And so many things to blog about.

I keep checking this blog, so disappointed each time to see that nothing has changed. Somebody better start posting here!

You'd think with a summer of freedom and rest, with heaps of decadent time spent with family and friends... that my fingers would ache to express my joy and share my stories.

Yet despite my delightfully short to-do list and our full social calendar, I've been rather silent here.

A few summer highlights that deserve more words (and pictures) but may or may not be revisited in future posts:
  • a full week spent at the cabin (overlapping with brother, Daniel and boys)
  • my new love for kayaking
  • Mackinac Island
  • a plentiful summer garden
  • fresh summer salads and fruit pies
  • home organizing projects
  • my new jewelry display, made from an old printer drawer
  • new bedding (I finally made our bed pretty after 9 years of marriage)
  • beach days with friends
  • pool days with friends and family
  • Grand Haven boardwalk dates
  • a long and delightful 'ladies night' spent telling stories with some beautiful women on the patio at The Lake House
  • college girls reunion (they came from Denver, Chicago, and Cincinnati for a 3-night sleep-over at my house)
  • beach day with Ryan and girls
  • Baby Camden Paul Fisher's birth

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Lindsey said...

Beautiful pictures. missing you!