Friday, October 07, 2011

In second grade violin class...

...we've been spending our first few weeks "getting to know the violin" and "getting to know the bow"...separately.

We know the parts of the violin and how to put it away in its case and how to take good care of it. We practice holding the violin in shoulder position...plucking the strings, learning their names and sounds.

We've also met the bow. We've practiced carefully removing the bow from the case, tightening and loosening the horse hair, rosining the bow. We've even practiced holding the bow correctly.

But every time I see a group of second graders in the hall or at recess they ask, "Do we get to play them together yet? Can the violin and bow meet now???"

This week, one second grader raised his hand and said thoughtfully (and innocently, I should add),

"Mrs. Corbin, even though the bow and the violin have
never even met,
they've been sleeping together all this time!"


Lindsey said...

I LOVE this! Such innocence. And how great it is that you have created an environment of suspense that makes your students eager to learn and play. Awesome job, Mrs. Corbin!

Kate Rudd said...

Oh man. So funny. :)