Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Emma!

Ang & Emma feeding Isaac
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Eight years ago, today, this beautiful second-grader, violinist, gymnast, pianist, creative artist, thoughtful friend, loving big sister and cousin, Emma was born...making me a very proud aunt!

I love you!

-aunt "Gigi"



I am unabashedly ecstatic at your addition to the blogworld!
I've just read your thoughts for the first time since Justin arrived home today with the laptop(aka my portal to the outside world )
I love you and will be, possibly, your *most* loyal reader! ;)

Daniel Rudd said...


*I* am your most loyal reader!
I've been reading this blog since before the anti-onion society was born!

I've read this blog every day for the last twenty eight years.

Even when I was tired of reading "web site not found", for the 900th time I stayed faithful.

Then one time I was going through a really rough time and I read your blog. It said: "web site not found." And I thought, "I can make it through this! Youbetcha!"

Then a couple years later a friend was really struggling and I just didn't konw what to say to her. So I looked at some of your entries that I had saved on my computer (ones that had really touched me)-- and then I told her: "web site not found."

Things turned out pretty good for her too.

I have to say I like the new graphic design a little better though. And I'm not oppposed to the rapidly changing content every now and then (as long as we can get back to the basics regularly --"web site not found")

I don't wan to be critical (especially of the best blog ever--which I clearly appreciate more than the vegtablebigot does) but I need to point out two problems:

1) The title isn't cool enough. Here are some good suggestions for you:

or (my favorite)
"Sticky Steve's Whitey-Tighties"

Problem # 2) No anonymous comment??? You've got to be kidding me.

How am I supposed to leave really (and I mean **really**) funny comments with equally funny aliases?? This is ludicrous.

I simply refuse to comment at all if I can't comment anonymously. (not even one comment, not even a comment to let you know that I'm not commenting. You can easily see how serious I am about this matter)

Do you really think your blog can make it without my comments??

tenderly enraged I remain,
The Moron

Ang said...

Thank you both for being so faithful to this blog. I am awed :)
And I didn't really know that it had filled such a void in your life, moron. It's good to know how my words have touched you.
and now...anyone can comment. sorry--that was an inadvertent setting mistake.

Redbaerd said...

Don't let the moron fool you, Ang,

You can't imagine the riffraff that will come flocking to your blog once you open up comments to anyone (the worst will, of course, be the moron's).

Perhaps someone (the moron) should read a recent pithy helpful post on *tranquility in the chaos* which suggests that LENGTH (ahem, not the length of his comment) does not always thrill the readership...

Anyway, i couldn't be HAPPIER(!) that you're a blogger!

Ang said...

hi big brother, redbaerd.
i miss you lots.

how do you add pictures to your profile--and to your comments like that? is that a Flicker thing?


the moron,
READ: "possibly".
Seem to have touched a nerve there...and before you become ANTI the ANTIONION society, let me clarify this:
My title only alienates those who have a personal attachment to onions and their celebrated status in the vegetable world.
Your screen name is clearly more contraversial than mine; what if a *real* moron happens to read your posts? Won't their identities as morons be threatened by your sattire? Won't they think, "Maybe it's not socially acceptable to be a moron? Where will I fit in now?"

But, to keep the peace, I will reword the last sentence of my previous comment to better reflect the intent:
...I love you *immensely* and will be, DEFINITELY, among your most loyal readers! ;)