Monday, April 25, 2005

A Real Blogger

I've been a faithful blog reader for years now, I guess. This is one of many attempts to become a real blogger. Usually the blogs I create are tended so infrequently that I, their creator, forget the address, password, or username. I'm glad my creator is not so absentminded. I do wonder where those blogs are. I suppose I could try to find them. Maybe I have faithful readers who are just waiting for me to give them more. probably not.

One of my favorite blogs, The Back Burner, just ended. That must have internally affected me somehow to contribute something to the blog world. What do I hope to accomplish through this new attempt at blogging? hm.. I guess I want to force myself to think about my world more carefully. To be more contemplative about daily interactions. I've never been a good journal keeper. I'm just not disciplined enough. Other arts are more attractive to me. I'm a musician by trade. I also love visual arts--drawing, painting. But I have real respect for writers--people who use words to capture audiences, paint pictures of truth, or express themselves.... music just makes it too easy. Writing takes a lot of thought.

So, I want to learn to be more thoughtful. More insightful.

I also hope to create better connections to people I love... by sharing my life with them. I typically am a good friend when it's easy. But if I am separated by distance, circumstances, life, or time... I find that I am quite selfish and incapable of meaningful correspondence. So maybe if I can learn to blog, I can get past some of those barriers of distance and time and share my world more generously with the people I love.

One thing I have learned about blogging from my experience as a reader is that long blogs are not always as captivating to the audience as the writer intended. And since this is my first attempt on this blog, I'd better just quit before I lose my already non-existent readership.

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