Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"It is a great thing to know the season for speech and the season for silence."
Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)

This week, I was challenged to contemplate my words--deliberately. It seems so cliche to point out, yet I often fail to understand that words are so powerful. I do far too many things without being deliberate. I inadvertently put things in nonsensical places, commit to things I don't actually desire to do or remember later, waste an hour without accomplishing any great or small task, lose at least one important belonging almost daily...
In all of that thoughtless living, am I destroying people around me with my words...or lack of words? Usually I am pretty deliberate with the words I give to strangers, aquaintances, and even good friends. But I throw around sharp, cynical, criticisms and thoughtless comments to the people...mostly the person, I love the most... my husband...and before marriage, my mother. Why does being comfortably with someone make me, an otherwise sweet and people-pleasing person, so cruel?
I want my words, or my silence to bring grace, and give refreshment and peace in the chaos of life.

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