Sunday, May 15, 2005

Silent Tranquility

So, it's been a little while. The novelty of having my own real, active blog wore off and I'm no longer an "outoffreakingcontrol blogger" as the 'Unheard Musings' writer once described me. But, I'm still here--despite the silent tranquility as of late.
The chaos this week has just been very present in my life--the kind of chaos that is exciting and rewarding, that is. And it has been fun. Thursday, every one of my performing groups at school had a performance...Kindergarten, Elementary vocal music, K-3rd grade Strings, Intermediate Strings, 4th grade Recorder Ensemble, High School Strings, Middle School Choir, and High School Choir. It was a busy, stressful week of rehearsals, but the the extra time spent with students and the final performances were exciting and very rewarding. I was so proud of my kids. The High School Choir performed a Medley of Broadway Show Tunes (Phantom of the Opera, Hello Dolly, Godspell, Cabaret, Oklahoma, and lots more...). One of my very talented high school students choreographed the piece for the entire choir, so they performed it as a Show Choir...and made me quite proud.
Hopefully now, the rest of the school year will be pretty easy. Without the urgency of upcoming concerts (after this Thursday's recital), teaching and planning will be much more enjoyable and void of stress. And then,....summer!
After the concerts were finished, this weekend, some of my cheerleaders from last season came over for an overnight party, eating, listening to good music, playing games, and watching old 80's teenage classic movies deep into the night. And in anticipation of their coming, my house was thoroughly cleaned, laundry finished, and little projects completed. So now, while Ryan is out for a run, I'm just sitting and relaxing, enjoying some itunes in my clean, empty, peaceful house, without feeling guilty for not sorting and folding laundry, entertaining guests, cleaning, or making programs, sound/lights notes for school. I'm just at home.
Realizing, as the archway above the entrance to my dining room reads,
"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place..." ~Maya Angelou.

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