Monday, May 02, 2005

You are invited...

Emma watching her conductor
Originally uploaded by AngandRyan. attend a Musical Recital featuring my students performing on violin, viola, cello, & flute.
Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 PM at Calvary Christian School.

This may sound agonizing to some, and I must admit that portions of it....probably will be.
However, if you are a relative, or simply a fan of Emma, you may enjoy some of it too.


Redbaerd said...

i'm a fan both of Emma and of the great Sensai that is hosting this event....and alas...I'll arrive in town maybe even by the end of the event...but (!)


since Lynn is taking of Friday for the Big Weekend -- we'll have to leave after school Thursday. It's so wierd that you people are still going to school...

Don't you know that school should be over?

Can't wait to hear about the Frauenthal...wish we could make it time.

::insert lyrics from Death Cab here::

"I wish the world was flat like in the old days -- and we could travel just by folding the map..."

p.s. (did you get the CD i burned for you from mom & dad?)

Ang said...

sad...i was hoping you'd be here in time, but i'm sure emma would be more than happy to replicate her portion of the recital sometime while you are here. she's quite the performer.

and no...i didn't get a cd from mom & dad. but i'll ask them.

i wish school was over. i still have the elementary musical, the middle & high school choir & strings concert, and my recital...kindergarten graduation and then one more week of not much..then, school will be done.
are you done with all of the impossible things you had to accomplish in a short amount of time? i heard that your chapel was great. i'd like to hear it if you have a recording.
love you,


thanks for sending the music..I found the song online but the download got screwed up, probably due to a mistake on my part!
It's as beautiful as you described; should do the trick.
Hey, if you and Ry aren't busy Mem Day weekend, come down to visit!
I'm doing a show with All Ears Theater(The Bickersons), and I've heard they're fun to watch. If you can't make it there will be a radio broadcast as well.

david rudd said...

i'm concerned that you are slipping into your old habits of not blogging. let's pick it up okay!


He's right!
Love you!

Ang said...

so sorry for the silence.
thanks for the loving chiding and the interest, friends.