Tuesday, February 07, 2006

guilty pleasures...

1. Whoppers with cheese. I always used to think these were gross. Why ruin a perfectly good cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and worst of all...mayonaise??
How terribly misguided I was.
On my occasional, unavoidable fast food visit I used to order things like 'grilled chicken sandwiches, no mayo' or salad. I now know better.
Trips to Burger King and sometimes even McDonalds are no longer accidental or unavoidable. They're not even occasional. I love whoppers. And double cheese-burgers.

2. Long, hot baths. Hours wasted...doing nothing but soaking. Sometimes I try to read, but mostly...I just soak.

3. An occasional Killian's Irish Red. I've never even completed half of a bottle, but...yum.
Beer is usually one of those things I associate with...Homer Simpson...and big, lazy men, wearing 'wife-beater' shirts, watching football. yuck.
If anything, I'd normally rather be a wine snob.
My "occasional" means about once a year.
(though of course, for the past seven or eight months, I've completely abstained)

(I bet you didn't think I was "edgy" enough to post that on my blog, Andy.)

4. Blogging.

5. Desperate Housewives. I've never missed an episode.

I never thought I'd play blogging tag...this feels a little too much like Xanga.
Andrea Rudd, you're it. And..."cheesy Lindsey" too.


Erica said...

Whoa! I former RA of Johnson stating that she frequently indulges in a Killians. Shocking:)

Ang said...

now you're just trying to spread rumors.

....about twice,...ever. and certainly not while RA-ing :)

andrearudd said...

Wow - what a privilege to be officially "tagged" on Ang's blog. I will have to think about what guilty pleasures I feel "edgy" enough to blog about.

Daniel Rudd said...


I'm just glad I don't have to worry about any more congregational meetings now that my boozing sister has come out of the closet...

Lindsey said...

hummmm. . . i will have to think about my guilty pleasures as well. . .

That should be added to the church constitution. No one who leads the congregation in worship should occasionally (or was it frequently) drink Killians.

Sally said...

I shall have to try that next time I order a beer!

Incoming email


Ang, I'm going to call you - I'm planning to try and stop by tonight(fri) to drop off the thing..if it's not too late!

Anonymous said...

what about your testamony
temple of God
i know a lot of Christians that have enjoyed freedom in living under grace and doing away with the leagalistic approach to life as a christian-I am one of many who is thrilled to have grown enough in my relationship in Christ that I can enjoy so many things in this life, however I still have a hard time with the "big ones":
drinking (beer)
are u still on staff at calvary school?
is it ok with the school to have a staff member drink (on occasion)?

I try to get over the leagalistic part - but there are some area I just have a hard time with...
do you understand where i am coming from?
trying not to be jusgemental?
what are your thoughts on this?

Ang said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your comment breaks my heart.
Thank you for trying to choose your words wisely...to dialogue about a touchy subject with openness and grace.

I am very aware that the *abuse* of alchohol has been a catalyst in the destruction of many lives and relationships in our culture and even in my small communmity...I've seen it happen as I'm sure you have.

And for most of my life, I have chosen to completely abstain from alchohol-for many reasons...mostly because for 21 years, it was illegal...but also because I (gladly and without resistance) was under the guidance and rules of parents, schools, or colleges. I know that LOTS of people make the choice never to taste alcohol...for sheer lack of interest, by conviction, or for fear of addiction...people that I highly respect and love.
Personally, I have a lot of sin issues. My life is not the reflection of Christ that I long for it to be. And I'm usually overwhelmingly open about that in my conversations, even here on my blog. But I also feel confident that alcohol is definately *not* one of those sin issues for me. It's not even a remotely significant part of my life...you should probably be more concerned with my tendency toward gluttanous consumption of mashed potatoes:)

I also know that there are many more lives and relationships that have been destroyed by addictions to money, to lust, to 'success', to selfishness, to pride, to bitterness and anger. And though we talk about these things as being wrong, we Christians aren't quite as quick to judge each other about them...because we all struggle with them. It's much easier to just avoid a list like yours.

It deeply saddens me that none of these things that are really of concern to Christ (selfishness, greed, materialism, bitterness)...things that he actually mentions in Scripture...are on your list of 'big ones.' I'm actually quite certain that there IS NO list for followers of Christ that mentions drinking, smoking, or 'cussing.' (Though I do know of a few lists that mention *drunkenness*, alongside of several other 'excesses' of the sinful nature ....like sexual immorality, idolatry, jealousy, fits of rage, and selfish ambition- Gal. 5:19)

About Calvary...yes, I teach there and love it. Though I am not part of their paid teaching staff, I do try to uphold all the values of the school (I've never heard or seen any kind of statement about alchohol since I've been teaching at the school). BTW...as a teacher, I would like to make it very clear that even though I have made the choice to consume a few glasses of alcohol a year...this is not a decision that my students should make. Just like they should also not live with a man or get pregnant like me:)

If you weren't anonymous, I'd gladly talk to you more about this. I'm so sorry if my words or choices have caused you grief. I hope I've answered your questions at least a little bit.

Anonymous said...

the "big ones" i referenced are the "big ones" that so many christians with a leagalistic back ground want to hold onto ( me included, although I am growing more in grace)

i agree with you that so many want to look at just a few sins and questions a persons spirituality, based on a small list of "do's and dont's"

I have tried to look at all my sins as I believe that God would.

yes, so many christians want to look at a few sins as being bad or taboo but as you point out gloss over or ignore sins that are actually mentioned in detail in the scriptures...bitterness, sexual immorality, idolitry....

I, too have many "sin issues" in my life.

My commnets were not meant to be hurtful, nor were they meant to break your heart.

so often when topics like these are brought up, people tend to get hurt and or defensive, that is not my desire, to hurt you or for me to then become defensive in my thoughts.

Isnb't grace a wonderful thing?

I try not to judge, because I know that I am a broken person in a broken world. I know that I am far from perfect, sin abounds in me and I fight it everyday.

I want to stress tha no hurt or malice was intended toward you.

Please do not hope that your students do not live with a man and get pregnant - sharing your life with someone that you love and enjoying the wonderful intamacey that God designed to be enjoyed by a married couple and the creation and miracle of pregnancy should be experienced by most if not all....

I hope mny thoughts come3 across in the way i mean them.

Ang said...

dear anonymous,
thanks for clarifying your intent even more...and for all the grace :)

I only meant to say that my students shouldn't make the choice *now* to live with a man and get pregnant...
Just as I hope they avoid alcohol for a long time too.
If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that my amazingly patient husband is one of the greatest gifts God has given me...and Maya is an overwhelming blessing. I too hope my students someday will experience all of the joy of marriage...and children :)

thank you for responding again so soon...sleep well.
i will.

david rudd said...

Beer is Wrong!
unless it's Irish

PastorJohn said...


I'm pleased that you visited my blog. Us old guys are not good bloggers. Dan and young Jerry DePoy insisted I have one. I learn so much from them! And if there are more young Christians like them out there our faith has a great future. I benefit greatly from seeing the world through their eyes.

And I have visited your blog often. A story about the Killians thing. During the cold war, I heard a preacher say that if a Baptist bomber pilot few a mission with the possibility of dropping a nuclear bomb on people, and after the mission had a scotch on the rocks to calm his nerves, he would be criticized for having the scotch, not for being willing to drop a nuclear bomb.

Notify me when you are performing in the area. I would love to hear you.

Pastor John