Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Every once in a while, I still think about this short film we saw earlier this month at the Muskegon Film Festival.

I love the concept.

BTW- Does any one else see a slight resemblance to James Bean?

....wait, I just watched it again....make that "a STRIKING resemblance to James Bean?"



I still think about it, too.. the best one of the night, right?..
(except for the 13 minutes of unintelligible German mumbling....I still do the voice once in awhile to make myself laugh.)

Ang said...

too bad I can't find *that* one online anywhere....

I'd love to sit through it again

Charity said...

James Bean is HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with "charity", that dude is smoooth lookin!

mar-mar said...

hey!!! good to hear from you...it was great meeting val and talking to her, too. have a beautiful week.