Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oswald Chambers had harsh words for me tonight...

"Why shouldn’t we experience heartbreak? Through those doorways God is opening up ways of fellowship with His Son. Most of us collapse at the first grip of pain. We sit down at the door of God’s purpose and enter a slow death through self-pity. And all the so-called Christian sympathy of others helps us to our deathbed. But God will not. He comes with the grip of the pierced hand of His Son, as if to say, "Enter into fellowship with Me; arise and shine." If God can accomplish His purposes in this world through a broken heart, then why not thank Him for breaking yours?"


Ang said...

by the way....I don't consider any of my wonderfully encouraging friends' words to have been "so-called Christian sympathy" (see previous post and comments)

Knowing that people love me enough to identify with even my confused and inarticulate feelings of self pity and respond with love...was life-giving.

thank you.

Colleen said...

I read Chambers every morning...nice feeling to know you do, too. This one really 'pierced my heart' also. The passage you quoted is the same one I underlined! Love you.
Aunt Colleen

Anonymous said...

Wow... exactly how I feel right now this is so crazy. God really does break our hearts for so many reasons. I love you Ange
Cadie Rae