Friday, June 01, 2007

Just so I don't miss the whole month of May...'s a post.

Don't laugh at me. I'm not really obsessive compulsive about a lot of things. Well maybe I am more than I like to admit.

But it would just really bother me if my archives skipped a month. I mean, how terrible would that look over on the right side of my blog? "...March, April, June..."

So don't worry. May is safe now. One post for May. Probably the best writing you've read in a while....thoughtful, enriching, inspiring, though provoking, witty.

Okay. I know it's sad.

More to come....sometime.

Good night.


cheesy-spoosh said...

Phew. . . that was a close one!

KaraPaetschow said...

Yes, Dave and I have bikes! We purchased one for me last fall, it was one of the best purchases we've ever made! We go all the time! We have a bike rack for our car, and we'd love to come out sometime and go with you guys! Let us know when you are open. Do you have our home #?
Speaking at CCS was fun. It was just good to see all the kids. I miss them. But life has been good and full still.

Shawn said...

Hey you have a blog too!

Here's mine.

The wedding was a blast!

Charity said...

I see that you have a myspace... What does this mean about your blogs??? Please don't stop blogging:):(

Ang said...

charity....don't embarrass me in front of my blogger friends :) i'm still kindof shy about my entrance to the myspace world. it seems a bit too...middle-school.

yeah..I finally made a myspace so I could see the "blogs" of some of my friends/family that use that form of web communication. the whole "friends" thing is kinda fun. otherwise i still hold the same opinions about the whole myspace thing... no, I won't be abandoning blogger any time soon :)

though my posting habits have lately been a bit lazy.

Charity said...

Good, Good...and...I am sorry about letting the secret out, I hope that it wasn't too embarrassing:)