Thursday, April 26, 2007

Too tired to form complete sentences.

So instead, a list of the 'big' things that fill my mind (and calendar) for the next month...

27th. emma turns 10!
28th. maya's first birthday party
29th. another open house
2nd. maya turns ONE!
3rd & 4th. two evening pit orchestra performances of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"
11th. "pinocchio" the musical...performed by my elementary students
11th. my Middle and High School Choir Concert
12th. WSSO's ("black tie optional"...and yes, of course, I'll be taking that option) Gala
saturdays. bridal showers
24th. my students' Violin Recital
25th. piano accompaniment for CCS Kindergarten Graduation
1st. School ENDS!
2nd. maya & I (hopefully both of us are capable of the skill needed to) walk down the aisle for a very special bride



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