Monday, April 02, 2007


I know it's only an illusion, but I feel quite rich this week. Hours and hours without obligations or deadlines.

My companion for Spring Break... (doesn't she seem alarmingly full of wisdom and insight here? )

She used to be so little.

I'm bound to be inspired soon.
I will post this week.



April Preston said...

Thanks Ang! We hope our baby is as cute and adorable as yours! I love looking at the pictures and seeing how much she has grown! :o)


Ang, we have to see you this week..Willow has no school, you have no school..I'll call you. Phone tag must end! :)

patterns of ink said...

Beautiful pictures! Good to see you posting again and that you have the luxury of some time to do it. Wow! Those pictures of the inside improvements are impressive. Hope your open house went well. Someone is going to love it, and if not (for now)... it's obvious that you do. =)

elizabeth said...

Hello, cousin. My literature class is doing an "American Dream" project that's due in about four weeks and I'd like to interview you through email. My alternative email address is