Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Break Highlights...

Despite the persistent snow and freezing weather, the break was calming and decadent. I had hoped for lots of long, sunlit walks with Maya in the stroller, but instead we enjoyed...

Finishing our house projects (making/painting shutters, landscaping...)

House shopping while other people looked at our house (the open house went bites yet, though).

Ryan's new job... started Monday. He's the Development Manager. (So we'll be attending some exclusive recitals and black tie galas.) Maya and I visited a few times to see Daddy's cool new office on the fourth floor of the Frauenthal Theater downtown.

Lunch and shopping with my Mom and Maya. Without spending a penny, I got to help pick out some beautiful clothes for my soon to be one-year-old birthday girl.

Making music with Ryan. One of my most treasured activities. And not something everyone gets to do with their husband.

A late night with cousin Katie. Happy conversations. Just chatting while Ryan snored on the couch.

A phone call from the Music Education Chair at MSU. I'm accepted into the MSU Grad program! (though I won't officially be a Grad student until 2008, I'll start a few classes this summer)

Enjoying peaceful days in a mostly organized, clean house...since it's on the market it stays that way a bit more than usual.

Yoga. Something I wish I made time for more often.

Practicing my violin. A rare pleasure.

A long, hot bath with a good book.

A couple of fun hours spent starting to get to know a new friend.

Dinner, frozen yogurt, and a movie date...and Maya spent the night with Grandma & Papa! So...sleeping in till after 8:00.

Breakfast at Toast & Jam's with the Corbins ....and Maya's soon-to-be Uncle Sean (who is adored by Maya...most likely because he will do anything to make her laugh).

Spending fun, creative time, talking with and recording royalty free music with my brother.

Easter dinner with family. A bit of a happy chaotic blur, but always fun. And the best chocolate cake ever created.

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Jody said...

If that best-ever chocolate cake's recipe is in your posession...I'd love for you to share! And I too, enjoyed having you over. Hopefully it will happen again soon. See ya!