Tuesday, July 03, 2007


...there seems to be far more chaos than even I can feel. So much confusion and brokenness that I can't seem to focus enough to even feel anything.

And most of the time, I can feel everything...for everyone.

But tonight the heavy chaos around me and my own (mostly happy) chaos have left me with a kind of false tranquility, even ambivalence...

...a way of distancing and preserving myself from all the hurt of others that I usually immerse myself in?

Maybe I'm just tired.

But the cloudiness seems thicker than fatigue.

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Anonymous said...

I completely understand. I feel everything everyone else is going through. It really is draining and I want to help them. It's so very frustrating to not be able to. Sanity only happens through Christ. I don't have to 'fix everything' (Type A), I can lift all things up to the Lord. That's where th peace comes in. Does that make sense?
Looks like you guys are going through some exciting changes! Thank goodness, you have Jesus.