Tuesday, July 17, 2007


...looking around, it seems like an inordinate number of things are out of place in life. That brokenness and disappointment are everywhere. That the glimmers of hope for which I desperately grasp are being relentlessly
torn apart,
and revealed to be less than I imagined.

But sometimes,

is impossible to miss. It is overwhelming and delightful. One piece of the shadow can disappear and the light pouring in is suddenly and blissfully blinding.

One of the more persistent shadows just disappeared.
It's not my news to share yet.
(If you checked all my friend links, you might find it)

But I'm jittery and silly with happiness.


Kelly said...


I don't even know you're "friend". I just clicked over there one day, and have prayed for her ever since. This brought a HUGE smile to my face.
God is SOOO good!

Congratulations on your house. It looks beautiful!

Just want you to know I've been praying for you too. I'm sorry for that your hurting. Keep clinging to His mercy and His promises. They are unchanging.


this is so great.
it was wonderful to hear the joy in your voice and know that such a beautiful thing is happening...