Monday, September 17, 2007

back in june...

...we added an "Uncle Sean" to our little Corbin family.

But then, we had to say goodbye to Aunt Kelly and Uncle Sean.

Until last weekend!!
Their happy return was celebrated with a feast of Moussaka...

a friday evening of cheese cake, whipped cream and warm Irish coffee,
A sunny but cold Saturday was spent in a warm(er) tent, with bread bowls of stew, hot apple cider, and delightful Irish music.

my favorite of the bands, Scythian, actually impressed us more with their gypsy and Jewish flavored fiddling than the true Irish stuff.

We had to say good-bye again, but Christmas isn't too far away.


Kim said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Only 12 more days....

Jody said...

Those wedding pictures are beautiful. Looks like you all had a wonderful time...and I could go for one of those coffees and some Irish music. =) See you at school!

Daniel Rudd said...

did you take all those pictures?
I agree with jodi, the wedding pictures are fantastic.

and you really captured the passion of the fiddler-band (2nd one).

I'm really impressed.

and also unable to think of any good reason why we can't spend more time leaping and yelling with our instruments (just like that).

Ang said...

yes...the wedding pictures are all mine. there were just a lot of really beautiful moments that day. i had fun with my camera...and my mac :)

but, unfortunately, I didn't capture the fiddler band's passion in the picture. That image is from their website.

but I *would* love to 'capture' some of their musicality...and that would definitely mean more leaping and yelling! :)