Sunday, October 28, 2007

I think I'm falling in love with October.

Maybe it's the excitement and hope of Advent and's in the near future. It's close enough to start rehearsing Christmas music with my students, to day dream about my Christmas tree, red wreaths of berries, draping garlands and stockings around our new banister, wrapping gifts with lots of ribbon...of making new and meaningful traditions with Maya, teaching her the story and all the beauty of what it means.

I can already imagine that feeling of timelessness of sitting in my parents' house with my brothers and sisters feeling full and warm. And yet it's still distant enough that there's no sense of urgency or worry about all the holiday performances, shopping, schedules, and the worst part of all....when it's over. But that won't happen for months! It's still just October.

And I'm falling in love with October for it's own merits too. Fall has been rising on my 'favorite season' scale for the last few years. Mostly for all the sappy and predictable reasons...falling leaves, yellow sun and cold wind, sweaters, pumpkins, candles, cinnamon....
But also, by October, the school year is settling into a more comfortable, rewarding routine. I'm remembering again how deeply I love getting to know my students and to see the ways they surprise and delight me daily. I also love fall meals... the warmth and comfort of potatoes and carrots that have been cooking all day. Apple cider. And apple pie.

I even baked my first pie...ever. From scratch with fresh honey crisp apples from the farmers market. I think I'll try a pumpkin pie next.

The most recent October highlight was hours and hours with my Mandy. Maya was so excited that Mandy was coming to our house, that ever since she came...Mandy is referred to as "House."
We're still working on that.

But after Maya settled down from her marathon peek-a-boo game, her 101 stories, songs, and her impressive display of every trick she knows, she went to bed....and Mandy and I sipped coffee at Barnes & Noble, shared a hot apple dumpling with whipped cream, came back home and talked till the early morning. There really isn't another person on Earth that knows me the way she does.
She seems to 'get' me in ways that I don't even 'get' myself. And as we talk, she affirms so many things that I've been thinking and feeling...and yet she also makes me think about things in new ways too. After more than 20 years of friendship, and sharing mostly the same life-experiences and influences, she still surprises me and challenges my ways of seeing the world. Though I long to see her all the time, I'm still somehow surprised each time by how much I needed her conversation and presence. She is one of the wisest, most beautiful, fascinating people I know....she even ran a half-marathon today!
And I miss her already. Ohio seems to steal a lot of people I love.


redbaerd said...

I think I'm falling in love with October on your blog.

Great pictures. Great Light. Great People. Great food.

And really, only the light belongs to October proper.

All the rest are properties of Your October, which I'm happy to participate in via your blog.

I wouldn't mind participating in that roast, though if you could either:

a.) send me the recipe (what cut of meat did you buy? what spices? Did you roast or crock pot?)

b.) send me a boxed up bit of leftovers.

Either would be great...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog ange. :) Everyone is growing up and Mandi doesn't change she is still so adorable. :) Love you both. Cadie Rae

Kim said...


So glad to see a new post. I love the pictures and agree with your love for October.

Its been too long again...we miss you.

Can't wait until Friday. Oh, and bring some apple pie.

Kelly and Sean said...

Thanks for posting. I check everyday for a new post from you, Ry and Maya.

I miss coming over for dinner and it looks like I missed a very yummy one too. Your first apple pie was so pretty, I would have felt bad cutting into it...but probably would have loved every bite.

I love seeing Maya so much, watching her grow up through pictures is hard but I am so happy I can at least have that. I look forward to seeing, playing and talking with her at Christmas.

Only eight weeks until we are all together again. Yay!
Love you all, Kell

MandieGirl said...

I totally know what you mean. I LOVE's almost over. However, Thanksgiving is only 3.5 weeks away, and that's not all bad. Your pie looked great-When I was home a few weeks ago, my mom had gone to the Farmer's Market, and bought a ton of Honey Crisp. I am so jealous that we don't get those in New Mexico. That was the best apple I've ever had. That said, I think that October in Michigan is the best! ;)


I think I'll come back to this post many times this fall. It exudes perfect coziness..and it makes me happy to see the pictures of you and Mandy getting some rare and priceless time together. :)
Like Kell, I can't wait for eight weeks from now!
And if you need to test pie recipes before offering to the general public, I'd be willing to subject myself to the experiment..
And the picture o fthe roast almost made me want to eat meat again. Almost.

Daniel Rudd said...

i was already really happy with fall.
it was already my favorite
so i really don't know how to deal with such an amazing photo essay.
love you

Daniel Rudd said...

hope you and maya are feeling better.
and i hope you don't consider sickness an excuse to neglect your posting duties

Anonymous said...

dear angela,

not to seem needy, but..what about me?


A&C said...

I knew i was missing fall, but now i even miss it more :) Actually thanks for letting me experience it vicariously through your wonderful descriptions and pictures! You inspired me to host a fall party in the tropics....pumpkin cake, hot chili, hot cider and all. We'll see how it goes :)