Monday, January 07, 2008

i really should have blogged sooner...

... so many thoughts have been accumulating. Too many to post now...or maybe ever.

There are so many things that I want to record about Maya's fun personality right now, lots of great pictures & memories from Christmas, thoughts about Sophia's quickly approaching arrival (only a few more months!), going back to work after a very long Christmas break...tomorrow (ugh).
A lot of other things are on my mind.
I wish I were more motivated to communicate reflectively right now. Or even communicate at all.

Hopefully soon.

Usually I try to make up for my poor emailing/phone calling/ letter-writing/friend habits by at least posting updates here. Lately I've even been a delinquent blogger. I'm so sorry. Things will be better soon. I promise.


Kim said...

Looks like you were up early this morning. Hope you have a great week back in the working world. Love you guys!


love you..
i wish i could say that maybe tomorrow will be a snow day..but, it seems an absurdly slim possibility as I sit here with my screen door open.