Friday, January 18, 2008

a fun google search

So I googled my friend Heidi Kok's name to see what shows she's been acting in lately. And I came accross this old page of pictures I made in college. It was at the top of the google list for Heidi's name. Sorry Heidi. She has some far more sophisticated and beautiful pictures on the web now.


Erica said...

Funny that you found that page. The other day I turned on my computer and found that picture of us a the ballet on my desktop. I was so confused how it got there! Turns out that Jason found that picture on the web and put it on my desktop.

A&C said...

Wow- how things have changed. It sure is fun to look at pictures and reminisce about all the good times :)

allison said...

were we as dorky as we looked freshman year? i don't care, we had the best times together!!