Tuesday, January 15, 2008

saturday date night

After we left Maya with Nana and Papa, we aimlessly wandered the aisles of the deceptively not-that-great-closeout-sale at Elder Beerman hoping to find a really incredible something we've always needed...for next to nothing. We didn't find it.
We did see lots of parents with loud 2-ish year old children in strollers. As we passed them, we felt a vague sense of familiarity and empathy with their expressions of urgency, exhaustion, distractedness...

With an hour still to fill, we drove through a few parking lots to Barnes & Noble where we conducted a thorough but unsuccessful search for a Moleskin 2008 calendar for Ryan. Happily, we did find one frappuccino and one hot tea.

Then...we saw Juno. (With every middle-school student in town?) And it was beautiful, funny, satisfying. I sat there shaking with sobs of happiness and just so much feeling...even while the noisy student section giggled and whispered.


Redbaerd said...

Yes! A not-too overwhelming-to-get-it-written entry. Just enough to hear your voice.


How about that Juno?!

Can't wait to see you soon!

Kim said...

Danielle and I went and saw Juno on Tuesday. We loved it.

Glad you guys had a great date!

Glad to see a new post!

Bethany Joyful said...

Juno was an amazing movie!! My friends were definitely poking fun at me as we stood up to walk out and i was drying tears from my eyes... but it was a very touching movie - one of the best independent films in a while!!