Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Is it cold yet?"

Ryan keeps asking me this every morning.

I could hold on to summer forever...almost. I love the warm sun, warm wind, leaves on the trees, everything is green, the happy illusion of freedom, the beach, the cabin, summer.

But fall is coming. And I think I'm happy about that too.

School has begun. And even in the first day, there were many moments of musical delight. ..those beautiful sounds and happy faces filled with pride and awe that make me remember that what I do is really really fun.


I love the gentle singing and cooing I hear in the baby monitor and the imaginative chatter from across the breakfast table better than all the sweet voices I heard yesterday.

I think I'm going to love my abbreviated schedule.


Anonymous said...


I'm afraid he inherited those genes from me. Fall is my favorite season.

Love you,

Dad C.

Kim said...

I agree with Ryan...I can't wait for fall. Football games, soccer games, cool crisp air.

Glad you are happy with your new schedule. Enjoy it!

love you...